Game with Ukraine women: who they are?

Rules of the, game does not hamper the game – they made it with beautiful  Ukraine women. If you cancel the rules, any sport will be reduced to boxing and

freestyle wrestling, and from any game, if you simplify it to the limit, will remain only “Chinese tie. Rules of the game – is part of the game itself and Ukraine women, they ask a variety of possibilities and combinations, facing partners. By setting limits to our actions on the trivial level, they force us to use more complex and interesting features. They allow the natural energy of the sex of the plane of the trivial to redirect to the third dimension, to allow it to build a complex vertical structure. Classic example of this process pretty Ukrainian women – the birth in southern France, in medieval times, rituals, courtly love, which since then have remained standard. Medieval knights Provence contrived trivial adultery, adultery, into a real ritual, with lots of rules, prohibitions and conventions. They managed to open the whole hitherto not existed scope of human feelings and emotions. This is a general law: the better thought-out system of rules, the more interesting the game, the farther it is from the routine and trivial. But sexual systems – this is something from which are born rules of the game, that their guards and protects. Precisely because they are so is important. Entire generations of our ancestors worked hard to provide women complexes, modesty. They created the religion, built churches, monasteries, and invented all sorts of beliefs and moral codes – because they understood anything about sex, they know what they want. And so, today, everywhere in the world begins again conservative turn. Today, people remember about God, restoring temples, organize demonstrations against immoral movies, criticized “this depraved young people” – they want their taboos, they want to defend those intellectual poses, which are used to. This conservative turn should not cause us to fear – we know that the more sex he will not. Impending sexual revolution – a conservative revolution – if you want a counter is revolution. It goes hand in hand with the revival of morality, the good old values – she takes them by the hand and drags in bed.